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Do You Hear What I Hear--Part One

King Zedekiah was what one might consider a fickle individual.  He seemed to be constantly swayed by public opinion. At first, he listened to Jeremiah, then he allowed Jeremiah to be thrown into a cistern where he was left to die.  Later he sent 30 of his men to pull Jeremiah out of the cistern and returned him to the palace prison. It seems Zedekiah had a very difficult time deciding between what people were saying to him and what God was telling him to do.  And they say women are fickle!


In Jeremiah 37: 2, King Zedekiah did not want to listen to what God had to say through Jeremiah the prophet.  We read in vv. 3 this same king sent two men, Jehucal and Zephaniah the priest, to ask Jeremiah to pray to the Lord on his behalf.  “Please pray to the Lord our God for us” he asked.   Odd don’t you think that King Zedekiah did not want to serve God but believed God existed and did answer the prayers of His children?  


Are Christians today duplicating King Zedekiah’s thoughts and actions?  King Zedekiah had “the God in my pocket” syndrome.  The king wanted God to provide everything he asked for but did not want God to require anything from him in return. He was not looking for a relationship with God; he only wanted the blessings God had to offer. 


Can we connect with that—even if just a little—to King Zedekiah?  It certainly has been true in my life.  While I called myself a child of God, I neglected having a relationship with Him. I would listen to what people were telling me rather than what my Lord was saying because the things friends were telling me all made perfect sense. Still there was something deep inside me, a gentle voice which kept whispering to my spirit “follow me; trust me”.  Like King Zedekiah, I soon found myself wishy-washy; swaying back and forth like a reed in the wind. I became so confused and frustrated.  Has that ever happened to you? 


Dear readers, when confusion starts to set in, it is time to just STOP!

Confusion is NOT of God, nor is it from God. 1 Corinthians 14:33 says, “For God is NOT the author of confusion, but of peace …” The best thing to do when you are confused about something is to stop, pray about the situation and wait on God to answer.


How long should you pray? Until you get a peace from God.  How will you know? Because God will get your attention in everything you read, see, hear and do.  It sort of like when you finally buy that new car and all of a sudden you begin to see them everywhere.  God will use every day things in your life to point you in the direction you should go. Things like Bible studies, television shows, songs on the radio, books, people, etc… He will tug, pull and push you down the right path if you are seeking His will. ‘Seek and you SHALL find’ that is one of God’s promise to us.      


Then a twist comes. Have you ever noticed God walks us along a path which most people would consider a bit rocky and risky?  And well meaning brothers and sisters in Christ begin asking, “Are you sure this is what God is telling you to do?”   


This question was asked of me over and over by well meaning believers who were concerned for my well being as my husband and I learned to hear and listen to God’s voice in our lives. At first there was no doubt in our minds of what God wanted us to do, however as we began listening to reasoning and logic, we started looking at things with worldly eyes.  Did you know God does some pretty illogical things when it comes to world views?  Listening to those types of views caused confusion so Hubby and I would once again get face down before our Lord and ask, “Is that really you Lord?”  We knew by countless confirmations through each other—and many other things too—we were walking in the path God set before us, yet as we looked at the things swirling around our heads, we got dizzy.


Agreed our brothers and sisters hearts were in the right place; they could not imagine why God would ask us to do such a thing.  In their minds it did not make any sense.  As I continued to pray and seek for direction, this thought came to me, “ Are these well meaning believers sincerely spending time in prayer over my family’s situation before giving us their counsel?”


Nothing they told us was wrong per se; however, often times our love and concern for family and friends blinds us to the more perfect things God has for us. More often than not, God’s ways are not our ways. He takes our weaknesses and uses them in mighty ways so He receives the glory. Ways we cannot fathom the hows or whys of our God.  It isn’t until we look back over our journeys we realize His ways are always for His purpose.  We must understand God’s will in our life is going to take place if we are seeking His will for our life. We are assured He works all things for our good in Romans 8:28.  If the path you walk now may not be as comfortable as you think it should be, rest assured if you are walking in Christ, He is in control.


We now read of the history of God’s children in our Bibles, but once—and not that long ago—it was shared not by reading but by listening to God’s word. Webster’s 1828 online dictionary defines the word listen as:  To hearken; to give ear; to attend closely with a view to hear.


In ancient times before we had the written word, a priest—just like a pastor today--opened the scrolls and read them aloud to the congregation. The people sat and listened intently.  They tuned their ears to the spoken words.  They listened.  When you sit and listen to your pastor this coming Sunday—or whenever/wherever you listen to God’s word—pay attention.  Listen intently and with purpose.  Pray and ask God to open your heart to His Word.  This is one way to hear Gods’ voice.


This particular post is becoming way too long, so I will stop here.

My next post will be about the second definition given to us by Noah Webster almost 200 years ago.  If you simply need to have the second definition now, please go and look it up.  You can Google search it online.  Until next time then!


Always loving the Lord,

Lori Robbins  

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