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Hearing is Believing

“My sheep hear my voice.”  Hear is an action verb and is defined by Webster’s 1828 dictionary as:

1. To perceive by the ear,

2. To give audience or allowance to speak.

3. To attend; to listen; to obey.

Dear Sisters,

Like many of you, there are times I feel my prayers only reach the ceiling of my prayer closet and no further. I do not feel His presence and I do not feel He hears me.  

Yet, I have learned God’s presence is always with me.  It is not a feeling at all.  His word says, “I will NEVER leave you or forsake you.”  So on those days when the enemy tries to put the thought into my head that "God does not hear me, or God does not see me", I must stand on God’s Word and not rely on my feelings.  (Truth be told, I quote God’s word out loud when I pray because faith comes by hearing right?) 

We must NOT rely on our feelings (aka emotions) when it comes to hearing God’s voice.  Does Jesus say “My sheep will sometimes hear my voice” or “My sheep may hear my voice”?  NO!  Jesus says, “My sheep hear my voice.”  It is a definite statement, not a suggestion.  

Jesus tells us exactly whose voice we have to listen to and it is HIS voice.  There are so many opinions floating around in the air waves all battling for our ears to pay attention to, however who does the Bible tells us is prince of the air?  (see Eph. 2:2 for the answer.)  The only way to hear Jesus’ voice is to listen for it.

Webster’s 1828 dictionary definition #3 for hear above is broken into three part.  The first one is 'to attend'.  If we are attending something then we are going somewhere right?  We can and should apply this to our going to our prayer closet and getting one-on-one with our Father.  We are to be in His presence.  We are to be in attendance with Him.

The second part of #3 is 'to listen'.  Once we are in His presence, what do you think would happen if we sat quietly for a while and just listened for our Father’s voice?   I am not talking about meditation or a clearing of the mind.  I am suggesting you allow God time to speak to you and answer your questions, concerns and prayers.  We are not to ramble on in vain repetition are we?  No.  So once we have prayed maybe we should just sit still and listen.

Third Webster says 'to obey'.  By far the hardest thing we do as believers.  Many times we exit our prayer closets questioning whether or not we really heard God’s voice and what we thought He said to us.  Doubt is the enemy’s biggest weapon against us.  He used it in the Garden of Eden against Eve and he is still using it today against us. 

Eph 6: 12 tells us “our struggle is not against flesh and blood”.  So how do we fight the spiritual warfare? Going right back to Ephesians 6…We put on the Full Armor of God.  We stand against doubt because Jesus said, “My sheep hear my voice.”  Does Jesus lie?  NO!  We can be confident in that.  As believers in the Lord Jesus Christ, must stand on God’s word and in it He says we WILL HEAR.   Never were such sweeter words ever spoken by our Lord.  It is music to my ears (and heart) our Lord and Savior promises we will hear His voice.  This is sure thing for us as believers; we just need to learn and practice listening.

I close by encouraging you in these times we are now enduring, to cling to Christ as I know you are.  Hold Him to His word, with respect of course, when you pray to our Father in heaven, never doubting in your heart He hears you and you will hear Him too.

Always loving our Lord,

Lori Robbins

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