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“He has taken me to the banquet hall, and his banner over me is love.”

(Song of Solomon 2:4)


I love it when I Google search something! Results instantaneously pop up with descriptions that explode across the page and my eyes begin to quickly scan them until, boom! I see exactly the one I am looking for.  Excitedly, I mouse over the blue lettering and the little pointer turns into a tiny hand with a finger yelling out to me, “Hey, click here! I am the one you want!”  Without hesitation, I obey and seconds later I am whisked away to a new page anticipating a site full of information.  Unfortunately, as the new page immerges so do numerous pop-up banners.  Like little flashes of lighting, they quickly appear. Some are blatantly in my face while others hide themselves behind the scene page I am on.  Often times, I do not know they are there until I close the session and they, well, pop up. 


Banners attract attention.  In ancient times, armies carried banners as identification or placed them on the tops of hills during battle times. The banners, usually made of wood and metal, were attached to a staff or pole and the metal would reflect the sunlight, drawing attention for all to see.  The men in battle could look up toward the hill, see which banner was standing and knew instantly if their side was winning or not.  While I may get irritated with banners on my computer screen, I am so very thankful the LORD is ‘my banner’.  In Exodus 17 when Moses raises his rod (staff) the Israelites would win their fight; however, when his rod (staff) was lowered the Israelites lost.  The same is true in my life. 


Many times I attempt to face personal struggles by fighting in my own power only to find myself tired and unsure.  I have let down my rod (weapons)—prayer and God’s Word—and have allowed the enemy to create doubt and lies in my life. I begin to think I can handle things all by myself.  I allow the business of life to interrupt my prayer time and Bible study.  Without food and nourishment our natural bodies become weak, this is true in our Christian walk too. Prayer and God’s Word are vital all the time but especially during times of battle.  As I begin to lose physical, mental and spiritual strength, the Lord quietly chides me and ushers me back to the throne of Grace by the blood of Jesus Christ. 


After defeating the Amalekites, Moses built an altar to the Lord and called it “The LORD is my Banner”, so too Christ is our banner.  Jesus was nailed to a tree and lifted up high on a hill for all to see.  He was the banner of eternal life.  He had won.  We will never lose a single battle as long we lift Him above all things.  Things may not work out exactly how we want, but if our trust is in the Lord we are winners every time.    


Interestingly enough, God did not place Moses on that mountain alone.  What a monumental a task it would have been to do by one’s self!   (Don’t believe me.  Go and get your plastic shower rod out of your bathroom then stand and hold it over your head for a few hours. Yep, it is hard!)  Our God loves us so much and He does not want us to be alone either.  Here are a few examples of how gives human help:

He gave Eve to help Adam.

He gave Aaron to speak for Moses.

He gave Ruth to assist Naomi.

He gave Jonathan as a trusted friend to David.



These are just a few.  God knows we need others who are willing to go into battle with us.  Friends who will hold us up like Aaron and Hur supported the arms of Moses.  (Read Exodus 17 to find out what happens.)


Now, I am not saying we should go out and share everything we are going through with every person in the church, Bible study, small group, etc…  What I am saying is pray and ask God to bring into your life two or three people you can have a personal and trusted friendship with.  While I have many dear, devoted, Christian friends I dearly love, two often stand out that I turn to for prayer and counseling BUT ONLY after I have sought the Lord and sensed the Holy Spirit encouraging me to do so.  If you need someone to help you in your daily struggles, please stop and pray right now and ask God to bring Christian friends into your life. Be patient with God as His answers may take time as you build a relationship of trust with others. 


Going back to our banner verse now, Solomon writes He has taken me to the banquet hall.  I don’t know about you but a banquet for me is a place of joyous celebration.  Can you envision the men who fought on that battlefield as they returned to the Israelite camp after they had beaten the Amalekites?  The food and drink-- yes, probably wine—must have flowed freely as everyone in the camp ate, drank and praised God for His favor amongst His chosen people.  It must have been a celebration of gigantic proportion! 


Jesus is our banner. As God helps us overcome obstacles—both large and small—in our lives, let’s praise Him with songs, shouts of praise, clapping our hands, tears of joy, and even with dancing if you are so inclined. 


Always loving the Lord,

Lori Robbins

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