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I am not a history buff but I do love history.  I also love reading and studying God’s word every day.  Some days I probably spend more time studying the Word than I should as household chores do not get completed.  Thankfully I have a husband who –so long as there is food on the table when he gets home—doesn’t seem to mind when things are out of place, laundry hasn’t been washed, etc… (What a blessing my hubby isJ)  Historical and biographical data can help us learn a lot about a person, place or situation; however all the information in the world will not help us to actually know someone better, in order to know someone we have to spend time with them.

This is the way we should look at our relationship with God. 


We learn much by reading God’s word.  We can visualize Him through portrait words in Old Testament scriptures where authors describe in eloquent detail their encounters with His being and essence.  We see unending His mercy with Israel, relating as a mothers, when time after time He forgives the very children who constantly disobey and deny Him.  We experience His gentleness as He disciplines with a firm hand then lovingly supplies all the needs of human frailty like food, water and shelter, taking it one step further by providing their additional wants even when they are thankless for what He has already provided.  We feel God’s unconditional love as He allows the sacrifice of His only son, Jesus Christ, knowing full well His chosen children will not accept Him.  We feel the compassion Jesus had as He looked upon the widow who placed her last coin in the offering, giving more than she could afford.  We realize the sacrifice as Jesus, crucified on a cross for us, looked up into heaven and said, “Father, forgive them. They know not what they do.”  These are the characteristics of God, our father in heaven, and our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, to whom we have committed ourselves for life. 


It was not however by my reading God’s holy word that I came to truly know who my redeemer is.  I would whole-heartedly agree the Bible is more than a Christian’s history book and should be studied daily for as much time as one can possibly give.  I agree God definitely speaks to each of us through His word.  For me, knowing all the characteristics mentioned above only deepened my desire to truly know God more and that is when I realized the need to spend time with Him in PRAYER.  Prayer made the difference between my knowing God instead of my knowing about God. 


Is this the difference between head knowledge and heart knowledge?  Knowing God or knowing about God?  In my humble opinion only when we are referring to a non-Christian. These however are not the ones I am writing to on this blog page and it is not what I am writing about.


What I am saying is reading the Bible is no substitute for Prayer.  If you spend more time in the word than on your face before our Lord I would challenge you to stir things up in your walk with Christ.  Try spending as much time on your knees talking with God and getting to know Him as you spend knowing more about Him through His word.  


I am not one to harp on quality vs. quantity and I hope you would agree—at least when it comes to prayer—it is the quality.  In this case the quality refers to the condition of the heart as one enters the throne room of God.  Yet for me the two seem to go hand in hand.  There are times when my prayers consist of worship and adoration for my Lord and I am so consumed in His presence I do not want to stop praising Him; I could literally go on for hours.  At other times I am in intercessory prayer and I am not finished until the Holy Spirit releases me.  Still other times, I am in prayer for my family and the problems and situations we face on a day to day basis as we live and breathe in this world. (Although I have to admit, these have become less and less in my prayer life as I trust God more and more with all these things.)


As Christians we know about God. We learn about Him in the Word, in our Bible study classes, and through the wonderful pastors God uses every Sunday morning to teach us as we worship Him together.   The question is do we really know God?  Can we hear His voice?  John 10:27 says,


“My sheep hear my voice.” 


Do you hear God’s voice?  Ask yourself “Do I know about God or do I know God?”  Can I hear when God is speaking to me?”


Take my challenge above and I promise you God will honor your time with Him and you will learn to hear Him in new and wondrous ways. He desires that you know Him.    


Always loving the Lord,

Lori Robbins

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