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Lesson One-Praying the Names of God

Good Morning Ladybugs,


Thank you so much for joining me on this blog.  I am so excited to take this journey together as we learn the characteristics of God and establish a closer relationship with Him. 


This week we are learning how powerful ELOHIM—God, Mighty Creator really is.  He spoke the universe into being out of nothingness.  Now that is power! While we can make things out of materials which already exist, we are unable to create something out of nothing.


God could have created us however He wanted, but He choose to create us in His image. 

In the past I have been guilty of looking into the mirror in the morning and instead of seeing a beautiful creation of God, I saw large hips, a big nose, stingy hair, etc...  Have you ever done that?  This affected to me to the point where at 37 years old, I became an anorexic and weighed 97 pounds.  Slowly destroying my body which is the temple of the Holy Spirit.  Elohim gently reminded me I was created in His image and began to show me everything He created is beautiful.  While I may not be beautiful to mankind or meet the image of beauty constantly shoved in our faces via media of all sorts, I am a creation of God.  He knit me in my mother’s womb.  When I began to truly grasp this, the mirror no longer was able to lie to me.     


As we soak in the knowledge and grasp a full understanding of Elohim this week, may we lay every situation we believe is impossible or too difficult at His capable feet today. Surely our God—Elohim, the Mighty Creator—is able to take care of any problems we are experiencing in our lives.  In fact, He wants too. “Cast your burdens on HIm, for He cares for you.”


Understanding His power, reminding yourself of it throughout every day this week, and reminding the enemy even he was created by God will solidify the name and character of God in your hearts.  You can and will walk in boldness remembering “No weapon formed against you will prosper.” 



Begin your prayer time this week with 1 to 3 minutes of just praising God.  Elohim inhabits the praises of His people.  We were created to praise Him. Then  


Reflect today on Genesis 1:26-28

Praise Elohim for His power in creating the heavens and the earth out of absolutely nothing

Confess to Elohim any tendency to forget that every human life, including your own is sacred

Ask Elohim to renew your sense of wonder and gratitude for the things he has made.

Give thanks that Elohim has only created you, but made you in His own image.

(The above directly from the book, Praying the Names of God by Ann Spangler; ponder them today during your prayer time.)


Always loving the Lord and all of you,

Lori Robbins


Homework:  Take 3 minutes each day this week to stop and meditate for those few moments on the name of God-Elohim = strength and power.  Try praising Him with His name Elohim instead of just using God. (This exercise will become clearer as we learn other names for God.) Reflect on His creations.  Take confidence in knowing God is powerful.  God is strong.  He is able. 


Afterwards, write in your journal any thoughts that popped into your mind during mediation.  Doesn’t have to be complete paragraphs, just anything you were thinking or feeling.   

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