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The Little Things


 “Does God care about the small things in my life?”  He obviously wants us to be good witnesses for Jesus and follow His commandments but should we ask God for things of this world or should we believe we are abiding in His perfect will no matter what our situations?


A few years ago I decided to do a little undercover Christian prayer research. The test subject? Me. The answer may surprise you as much as it did me, but first, a brief back story.  On March 5th of 2011, hubby and I sold everything we had, except our house, at a publicly held auction. Believe me, when I say we had a lot of stuff, I mean we had a lot of stuff.  Our home was filled to the brim with Tuscan style furniture and furnishings. To make a very long story short— this story would be a novel if told in its entirety—back in May of the previous year, God brought us to our knees and changed our lives forever all for His purpose and glory. P.T.L.  

Below is what God showed me about the small things in life.


After living in a large, barren house for five months, my heart began to ache as I watched my husband come home day-after-day from work with nowhere comfortable to sit down.  We did have two desk chairs and a few of those folding metal ones, which we were grateful to have as it beat sitting on the floor; still, I longed for my husband to have a chair to relax in.  One evening in August, hubby came home exhausted after working six days in a row.  Of course he would never complain but as he tried desperately to get comfortable in an office chair, I decided I was going to secretly start praying and asking God for a recliner.


For two years I have been praying during the 3 o’clock hour but I have never asked God to replace our stuff.  It was actually very freeing to get rid of all of it and it just was not important to me anymore. This was different though.   In this case, it was ok to ask God to bless someone else, so at the end of my prayer time, I began asking God if He would provide a recliner for hubby. Nothing fancy or expensive, just a chair to sit in that would be a comfortable spot after long days at work. 


Four weeks passed and no chair presented itself on my doorstep; my faith began to waver.  Was I asking too much? Maybe God didn’t want us to have a chair?  After all, we had shelter from the elements, food to eat, water to drink and take baths in, a decent job, and I could go on and on. I began to feel guilty at times praying for this chair as I thought about the many others who are without the things I was already blessed with; yet, the Holy Spirit would not let me give up. For almost four months, I prayed for a recliner. 


Then God answered in the most amazing way as I was driving home from the grocery store. A sign caught my eye. In big, bold, black letters against a white background were the words—Community Garage Sell this Saturday!!!  


Granted, most sane people would not consider a garage sale an amazing thing, and truth be told, they happen all the time in neighborhoods across America but you must understand I had not been to one in over 13 years. Yep, you read that correctly, 13 years. Nor did I particularly want to go to one, so these types of signs never caught my attention before. (Isn’t it so God that on this particular day in November He brought this particular sign to my attention?)  My mom was with me and surprising even me, I blurted out, “We should go to that garage sale.” The words had easily rolled off my tongue and I could feel my mom’s piercing eyes fixed upon me and visualized a shock look on her face. She may have asked, “What did you just say?” but Iknow she was probably too stunned to have actually said anything in that moment.  I quickly added, “God might have a chair for us in there.”  Right then, we made plans to go.


The rest of that week I began to notice garage sale signs everywhere I went. What was going on? Garage sale fever was taking place in communities where I had never seen them before, yet every time I saw a sign for one, a bit of excitement overcame me. Surely this couldn’t be an answer to my prayer could it? 


The days passed and finally Saturday came.  At the advice of a few die-hard garage sale fanatics, Mom and I headed out early that morning.  In case you are like me and haven’t been to a community garage sell in a while, let me tell you—no, let me warn you—it is war out there!  Hear me on this brothers and sisters, you need to be prayed up for this type of battle and put on the full armor of God.  People are out to stake a claim in this garage sale venture and they do not allow anything, or anyone for that matter, to stand, sit, drive or walk in their way.  Some folks had rented U-haul trailers and flatbeds to load their bounty; others had large, extra heavy-duty pick-up trucks. You know the ones I mean. The ones we see on television commercials where all four doors open simultaneously and four brawly-looking guys jump out before the truck even comes to a complete stop, eager to get things done. Yeah, you get the picture.  This, my friends, was a war zone.   


Maneuvering my tiny Jeep Liberty around the monster trucks and trailers was no easy task on the already too narrow streets which now had turned into parking lots as people parked (and I use that term loosely) on both sides of the roadway.  Determined nothing was going to discourage mom and me, we pressed on. We believed, somewhere in this vast neighborhood of chaos and mayhem, an unsuspecting seller was holding hostage a recliner God had commissioned us to rescue. The Lord was going to move in our favor; we could sense it.  


I will tip my hand here a bit and remind you of Ephesians 3:20 in which Paul writes, “Now to Him who is able to do far more abundantly beyond all that we ask or think, according to the power that works within us,”


This particular Saturday morning God was going to answer my prayer in a big way!  But nothing, dear saints, could have prepared me for just how much our God cares about the little things.


 Enter God.




For the exciting conclusion of this story, please read, The Little Things, Part Two.


Always loving the Lord,

Lori Robbins

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