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The Little Things, Part two


Enter God.


The second house we stopped at that Saturday morning did not have much outside to look at; however, staked in grass was a small, hand-made sign peeking out which read ‘Furniture for Sale’.  We peered down the long driveway but saw only a jungle of plants of various varieties. We were too late. Disappointed but not discouraged, I was ready to drive on to the next house when mom said, “Let’s just get out and take a look. It will only take a minute.”  We did.


Our chins hit the pavement and we couldn’t believe our eyes as we walked up that driveway. There in the garage, placed side by side, was not just one single recliner but two love-seat recliners with a for-sale sign taped on them.  In case you are reading this in the morning and before you have had your coffee, that equals four reclining chairs in all!  And they were in perfect condition.   But this only gets better because God has entered the scene.


All the cash I had in my pocket was $200.00.  I sheepishly asked the man in charge how much for one love-seat fully expecting it to be all my money as these recliners were in pretty much mint condition.  Tears swelled in my eyes and trickled down my check before I could stop them as the guy told me I could have them both for…wait for it…wait for it…only $150.00. 


Glory to Jehovah Jireh, our provider!  We serve an amazing, awesome God who really, really does care about the little things in life like a comfortable chair to sit on. He goes beyond what we might think or ask.  I had only been praying for a recliner for hubby but God, in His goodness and mercy, blessed me with four.  We were all—Jerry, mom, Tiana and I—going to have a recliner to sit on.


But God didn’t stop there, I mean after all this is God right?  Abundantly more, right? 


After getting the recliners home, and being ever so grateful, I still had $50.00 left.  By now it was 11:00 a.m. and true garage sell fanatics will tell you the good buys are gone quickly. Still, I sat on one of my new recliners, which now occupied the entry way of my home as they waited to be put into place later, and thought very briefly, “A table to eat on would be nice Lord.”  While I can’t say for sure I was prompted by the Holy Spirit, mom and I ventured back out into the pandemonium without expecting to find much. 


We went to the same neighborhood sale and made a left hand turn this time on the main road.  Driving around about fifteen minutes or so I decided to count my blessings, not be greedy, and celebrate with lunch at Firehouse Subs with some of the money I had saved. God had other plans. 


As I made my way around a cul-de-sac, there sitting all by itself, on the driveway of a house that was not participating in the ‘garage sale-a-monia’, was a country-style, wooden table.  Taped to the table was a hand-written sign in black sharpie marker on white copy paper the word FREE.  I could not believe my eyes!  Immediately, mom and I jumped out of the car and claimed our miracle. Not only did my Lord care about a chair, He did abundantly more by giving me something I hadn’t even asked for until that very morning.  For this table to still be sitting there with the word free taped to it and not one person in all their trailers, u-hauls and pick-up trucks scurrying around that neighborhood had picked it up, could only be explained as a miracle from God.  God put that table there for me and my family.  I graciously and humbly received it as I realized YES dear saints, the God we serve does care about the little things and so much more.


I had expected to be sitting on a metal chair this month typing out a blog entry for this site; God had other plans. It is by His grace, love and caring about the little things in my life—and yours—that I sit comfortably—and tearfully—sharing with you God’s goodness in my life.


I pray this story—long as it is—will encourage and strengthen your faith in the fact our God does indeed do exceedingly and abundantly more than we might think or ask.



Always loving the Lord,

Lori Robbins     

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