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Worry and Fear

Many Christians have probably asked themselves this question at one time or another.

                Is it a lack of faith if I worry? Or told themselves, If I only had more faith then I would lay it on the altar of God and move on.

While these might seem logical to any believer, our relationship with God does not always rest in logic. I have often wished I could control my emotions, worry being one of the biggest, by a simple act of my will. So far, I have failed.   

Like many families, we went through the stress of losing our business by 2009 and eventually of home of thirty years by 2019, after the 2008 real estate disaster. We used every bit of savings we had, cashed out every investment, sold all stock, applied for loan modifications, and then sold everything in our home not attached to the walls at an estate sale in order to pay our mortgage. We prayed night and day. Fasted many times for God to move on the hearts of the judges in our court system and help them see the banks who caused the problem—the same banks our government bailed out with taxpayer money—and would rule in our favor. They did not. Then in February of 2016 hubby had a heart attack and nearly lost his life. To say I worried would be an understatement.

I tell you all this because I would beat myself up night and day thinking I did not have enough faith. Everyone would tell me, “You just have to believe God is at work in this.” I did believe. I know the Scriptures and I knew God would eventually work it all out for my good but that did not stop the ‘what if’ thoughts running through my mind when I could not pay the electric bill.

Fear and worry pretty much go hand and hand and it is these emotions that warn us and are the ways we were created to act in times of danger. Losing our home, our income and eventually our way our life seemed like a serious situation to me. To top all that off, I felt inadequate as a believer thinking I did not have enough faith because I was worried. Why could I not just trust in God and go about my life?

 Can we consider Jesus for a moment in the Garden of Gethsemane? He faced a future so horrible and knew what was going to happen to him. Did he worry? He was divine but also human. He sweat blood and asked God if possible to allow the suffering he was about to face to pass him by. This was not only worry but also fear. He experienced human emotions on the highest level but this does not mean Jesus lacked faith in God or that he was weak; rather that a part of him was human. In other Scriptures, we read he experienced joy and a sorrow so deep that he wept.  

We cannot hide our emotions from God. Isn’t He the one who gave them to us? Doesn’t He have emotions? In the Scriptures, we learn of His jealousy, His anger, His joy and His love. What human can say they never worry about anything? I personally do not know a single person. The emotions we experience are not a lack of our faith as believers. Quite the contrary. When we go through trials, it is our prayers and trust in God that shows great faith even while we are experiencing our emotions.


Always loving our Lord,

Lori Robbins

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